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Procore Support Center websites serve as a single source of truth for all web and mobile application users. Whether they’re viewing our KB sites from their desktop or a mobile device, we’ve created a seamless and optimized user experience that’s responsive, mobile-friendly, and locale-specific. Our en-US Support Center ( features over 6,500 pages of help content. New and existing users frequently visit our Support Center sites to find quick answers to their product-related questions. Each product’s landing page features user-friendly tabbed navigation with one-click access to a full library of tutorials, FAQs, training videos, interactive workflow diagrams, permission matrices, release notes, and more. Google continues to feature content from our sites as top search results. In July 2021, Google featured pages from our Support Center in the top 10 search results for over 1.7k keywords and over 50 Featured Google Snippets. Try Googling “upload drawings” to see what Google ranks as the top organic search results. We have also implemented SSO-like behavior using Mindtouch’s API User Authentication protocols to seamlessly log users into the Support Center, which makes it easier for us to track their usage so we can optimize their page viewing and search experiences, as well as streamline their web-to-case Support Ticket interactions. We have also implemented a contextual help system that enables Procore end-users to have one-click access to support (KB) articles in a pop-up modal that’s an embedded experience within the Procore web application ( To help streamline the content management challenges for our technical writers, we’ve also created several content management utilities using Mindtouch’s API to help us manage attachments, hyperlinks, and tabbed navigation. Our site’s rich Media Library gives editors easy access to reuse content across our site, including icons, banners, table styles, and videos.


Dean Onishi -

Amanda Bridgers -

Amelia Coyle -

Calvin Blais -

Colleen Lai -

Constanze Kratel -

Courtney Carder -

Cousteau Christopher -

Emily Williams -

Jim Johnson -

Jordan Waugh -

Kalie Kreischer -

Kat Cassidy -

Leon Malisov -

Maggie Haun -

Mark Curtis -

Natalie Bergman -

Rowan Di Mase -

Sarah Allen -

Susan Nelson -

Tie Wu -

Todd Anderson -

Vanessa Ray -

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