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My name is Jessica Betterly and I’m a team of one, in charge of the Sylogist Knowledge Center. Our CXOne Expert site offers help content for several product lines serving the nonprofit, nongovernmental organization, and government communities.

We have two primary goals with the Knowledge Center: first, customer satisfaction – customers have a basic expectation that software will come with documentation. We want to exceed their expectations by helping them find answers quickly and easily, and we also want to help them learn to use the software more successfully and efficiently. The more we can strengthen the customer satisfaction, the better customer retention we will have.

The second goal is to bring down the number of training- or education-based support tickets. In the past, customers were frustrated and unhappy with the Knowledge Center and didn’t view it as a tool to support them. Instead, they turned to support for help without even checking the Knowledge Center, which took our support technicians away from actual support issues and put them into the role of trainer.

Since I took over the site, I’ve rewritten and reorganized content and incorporated videos, both short, task-specific videos and 60- to 90-minute webinars. I’ve also introduced paths and other features to improve the usability of the Knowledge Center.

We are not yet connected to our Support ticketing system, so I can’t tie directly to ticket volume, but here are some metrics to show how well we have increased customer usage and regard for the Knowledge Center.

  • Comparing 2021 to 2022, we have:
    • 33% increase in individuals logging into the site.

§ This represents 42% of active customers logging in at least once during the year.

  • 65% increase in sessions.
  • 64% increase in page views.

- Our click-through rate increased 20% over the last 2 years, to 66.97% for 2022.

  • At the same time, number of searches remained roughly the same.

- Is important as metrics is word of mouth.

  • In the last couple of years, one of the first things my customer-facing co-workers ask is, “Do you have access to our Knowledge Center? If not, let’s get you started.”
  • Several of them even have favorite articles that they immediately point users towards.

I’ve been working towards this goal for about 7 years, generally on my own but not without the support of my co-workers, contributors, and management. It’s been incredibly gratifying to see the momentum really building over the last few years.

Thanks so much for this nomination – It is a real validation for this work!


Jessica Betterly -

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