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In 2022, Splunk Lantern invested in several site customizations, including a new user interface, that have brought a number of benefits to our users. The new fully Splunk-branded homepage features a constantly updated display of recently-published, high-value articles to keep repeat customers inspired and engaged with product possibilities. It also allows customers to quickly access articles that fit their use cases, as well as find content relevant to their stage of the customer journey. Furthermore, the homepage makes heavily trafficked content, such as the Splunk Success Framework, easily accessible. Additional customizations, such as Splunk-styled buttons, provide a better navigation experience in long articles or articles that are part of prescriptive learning paths. The new left-navigation menu allows customers to scan a section for all articles, which might otherwise be buried several layers down. Finally, expanded use of classifications and author attributions give customers more ways to find the information they want, especially as it relates to a specific industry or expertise.


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