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Thermo Fisher

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Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Knowledge Base launched in February 2022. It was a fresh start for our colleagues and an opportunity to transform our information into knowledge. Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) quickly became the new knowledge culture to thousands of Thermo Fisher Scientific colleagues. This out-of-the-box methodology truly supports our fast-paced, ever evolving work environment.

Among the thousands of colleagues that use our Knowledge Base, hundreds have taken the leap to elevate their knowledge journey and have taken our KCS training curriculum courses to become licensed to contribute to our knowledge base. Our business groups get the opportunity to deep dive and learn how to align their groups for success and a sustainable program by both in person and virtual offerings of the KCS V6 Practices and KCS Leadership Workshops. The foundation we are building has us excited about what we can do next! From Intelligent Swarming to finding how we can leverage AI. We want knowledge to be our enabler of the next evolution of support.

Our knowledge base seamlessly integrated the KCS experience into our service platforms. (Cloud for Customers and The integration provided an innovative way for our knowledge workers to search, reuse, and create content within their workspace without having to leave their window. With the eagerness to learn and the ability to easily share knowledge, our Knowledge Base went from having zero KCS Knowledge articles to more than 5,000 KCS Knowledge articles!

Since our initial launch, KCS has generated a great deal of interest from other groups and businesses within the company looking to leverage both the knowledge base and KCS methodology.

We have only just begun!

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