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Expert Award Winner: Splunk

Expert Award Winner: Splunk

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The Splunk Lantern mission is to drive adoption and customer retention by providing self-help content. Our content aims to replicate the type of help a customer would get from a customer success manager, professional services, or other paid options that not all customers can afford. We provide this content by crowdsourcing expertise from customer-facing Splunkers and partners, then writing up that knowledge in articles. Last year, we used the CXOne Expert Review Manager, Custom Classifications, Author Attribution, and Draft Contributor features to assist us in crowdsourcing from over one hundred different contributors. We also strategically use Paths and tabbed Guide pages to create more prescriptive content experiences that guide less experienced Splunk users through specific stages of their customer journeys in security, observability, or specific industries. Finally, Content IDs enable us to collaborate across the business on customer success campaigns that share Lantern content, while preventing broken links as we continuously improve and expand our site. A survey of 92 Splunk Lantern users conducted at the end of our last fiscal year indicates a 90.2% customer satisfaction rate with the content found on Splunk Lantern and our returning users increased 687% from the previous fiscal year.


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