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Procore team members have served as regular attendees and participants in the weekly meet-ups hosted by Mindtouch. We’ve also presented and shared our best practices and recommendations for creating a less frustrating self-help user experience by serving task-specific help (KB) content to end-users in a SaaS platform by leveraging the Contextual Help Touchpoint instead of relying on a search-based approach that’s more burdensome, inconsistent, and unpredictable for the end-user. We’ve consistently tracked KPIs for our Support Center site, including Support Contacts per MAU and Support Contact Percentages on a weekly and monthly basis to calculate estimated cost savings for Customer Support derived from self-service and ticket deflection strategies. At a recent meetup, we shared our own algorithm and logic for calculating Support Ticket Deflection with the broader Mindtouch User Community. We’ve also served our own community of users who are customers and partners. Customers can create their own private section on our Support Center site where they can create company-specific standard operation procedures (SOPs) that leverage and inherit existing content and updates from our standard tutorials. For partners, we host support content for their App Marketplace integrations on our site, which gives all Procore users the ease-of-use and confidence of finding quick answers to their questions whether it’s related to Procore

products or any of the 480+ 3rd party integrations by starting their search at


Dean Onishi -

Amanda Bridgers -

Amelia Coyle -

Calvin Blais -

Colleen Lai -

Courtney Carder -

Constanze Kratel -

Cousteau Christopher -

Emily Williams -

Jim Johnson -

Jordan Waugh -

Kalie Kreischer -

Kat Cassidy -

Leon Malisov -

Maggie Haun -

Mark Curtis -

Natalie Bergman -

Rowan Di Mase -

Sarah Allen -

Susan Nelson -

Tie Wu -

Todd Anderson -

Vanessa Ray -

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