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Early in 2022, we enabled CXOne Expert's Instant Translation tool to prevent our localization team from having to manually translate 9,000+ articles into several languages. As a result, users translated our site thousands of times in 13 different languages. We used the Language Report as well to determine that many users were browsing in a different language, which led us to add some code that automatically changes the language toggle when a different browser language is detected.

However, we were informed later in the year that machine translations may not be sufficient enough in some countries for content such as hardware installation guides, so we developed a way to toggle between different languages of manually translated content all on one page without needing to reload.

With the combination of machine and manual translation tools, we're able to provide a localized version of every article while still meeting requirements to make SURE that some of the more advanced articles are 100% accurate. To test this tool yourself, you can go to the following link and find the toggle under the page title.”


Nick Poss 

David Gerla

Evan Thomas

Mary Kidd


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