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To support Procore’s focus on global expansion into key international construction markets, the Technical Documentation team has partnered closely with the Localization team to set up and launch five (5) locale-specific Support Center websites and plan to launch another four (4) more sites in 2022. Each site contains over 3,500 translated KB articles and features a “Global by Design” architecture, which enables seamless localization into multiple languages with site structures that mirror the en-US ( “source” site. Another key part of our content strategy features over 850 simplified user interface (SUI) graphics, which are localization-friendly replacements of static screenshots that can easily become out-of-date as engineering deploys code updates to production on a daily basis. A convenient locale dropdown picker in the top navigation header of our Support Center sites provides an intuitive and convenient user experience for our global user base. Our web application ( features contextual help links and in-app pop-up modals from our localized Support Center sites based upon an end user’s location within our web application and preferred language setting.


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Jim Johnson -

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