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TransUnion is expanding our Knowledge Base globally and as a result, has offered us the opportunity to implement and utilize features that have improved our overall agent experience. By implementing the Instant Translation drop down feature on our site to include Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and Afrikaans, we have the ability for agents to consume our content in their native language. This feature allows us to create our content in English, but an agent, no matter where they are based or what their primary language is, can tailor their experience working in our site to something that works well for them. Additionally, we have added two new Localization sites this year where the primary language is Spanish and Chinese. This recent implementation offers our Spanish and Chinese counterparts the ability to create and publish content in their respective languages. We look forward to our continued growth within this global space and are excited to see what improvements and features CXOne Expert rolls out with in the future. 


Jennifer Bruchstein – Senior Manager, Global Content & Process Management – Operations 

Lenora Callahan – Senior Lead, Global Content and Process Management 

Stephanie Fanelli – Help site Administration & Reporting Specialist 


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