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Our Content Production Workflow is a robust alternative to the Draft Manager. All content is drafted, reviewed, and published on our Solution Center site using custom scripts, page templates, tags, and toolbar actions to automate the flow of content as it moves through the content lifecycle while retaining change logs and content quality metrics.  

Using custom scripts, page templates, and toolbar actions, and tags our Content Production Workflow solution provides the following dashboards:

    • Staging: Product & Project – Displays all documentation deliverables by product area and by specific project.
    • Structure Reviews – Displays all documentation that is pending a structure review and shows when it has been picked up for review.
    • Peer Reviews – Displays all documentation that is pending a peer review and shows when it has been picked up for review.
    • Publication – Displays all documentation that is pending publication.

Dashboards are populated automatically by changing custom classification values configured in the Page Settings. Deliverables do not move from Staging until publication, allowing all internal stakeholders to see the status of deliverables as they move through the workflow. Changing the status to a review phase value triggers the corresponding review tracker script and populates the review dashboard. Metadata displayed varies slightly depending on the dashboard, but typically includes the following:

  • Article title (linked)
  • Article Type
  • Author
  • Status
  • Version

Review dashboards display additional information such as who picked up the article for review, the review status, and the date the article was submitted for review. Structure and peer reviews are scored. Custom scripts are used to pull those scores to measure various KPIs.

Documentation that has completed the review phase is then set to Pending Publication and is displayed in the Publication Tracker. Here, the corresponding release is also displayed. After publication, the status is cleared and only the documentation strategy remains in Staging until it is archived.  


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