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The LibreTexts project has relied on CXone technology for over 14 years in hosting our freely available textbooks for supporting student needs. Central to our success is taking advantage of the platform’s powerful capabilities including the ability to handle at-scale traffic, a powerful Application Programming Interface (API), and advanced features like single-sign-on functionality, search capabilities and page editing. Our CXone instances host over half a million pages and have accumulated 800 million page views to date (with approximately one million pageviews daily) with over six millennia of confirmed student reading. A few key customizations of this technologies are discussed below.

We have used the CKone API to build multiple applications within the LibreTexts – two of most used are the Remixer and the Dashboard. The remixer ( is a front-end interface that allow instructors to create customized textbooks on our CXone instances via a simple drag and drop application; this streamlined textbook creation immensely and allowed for rapid construction efforts involving a mixture of creating, retitling, transcluding (reusing), deleting, and retagging pages. The dashboard is a back-end interface that couples CXone’s API with Regular Expressions (regex) to enables global edits and bots of the 500,000 pages of content on the platform. This greatly enables effective curation of pages including content and underlying source.

Other customization of CXone’s platform include building a new real-time accessibility checker that allows editors to evaluate page content for legal and ethical accessibility requirements (e.g., Americans with Disabilities Act and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines standards). We have recently constructed export microservices system that generates PDF, EPUB, IMS Common Cartridge exports. This greatly augments the distribution impact of our content on the CXone platform.

We are excited to introduce next quarter a new authoring tracking system that identifies               and shows the author and licensing information at the block level on the page. This system coupled the CXone’s tagging and author information to automatic enforces the legal attribution requirements necessary for using openly licensed material without requiring active tracking.


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