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Thermo Fisher Scientific

Nomination Details

ThermoFisher Scientific has been nominated for the second year in a row as a KCS nominee for 2024 due to its exceptional commitment to providing comprehensive solutions to complex scientific challenges. With a strong team of approximately 14,000 sales and service personnel, including over 2,000 highly trained technical specialists, the company is uniquely positioned to cater to the needs of its technical end-users. Knowledge-Centered Service plays a crucial role in this process here at ThermoFisher, offering almost 10,000 KCS knowledge articles that have become instrumental in resolving a wide array of issues concerning various instruments.

KCS at Thermo Fisher Scientific has successfully implemented our 'Link to Case' initiative, a process designed to streamline problem-solving by linking knowledge articles that have proven successful in resolving known issues directly to closed tickets. This innovative approach closes the loop in our process, empowering our technical teams to resolve issues more quickly through shared knowledge. Since its recent launch, our 'Link to Case' initiative has shown remarkable progress, approximately 5% of the known 20,000 remote resolution cases have successfully established 'link to case' connections. This number is rapidly increasing each month, demonstrating the effectiveness of this strategy in enhancing our problem-solving capabilities and providing a more efficient and effective service to our colleagues and customers.

The growth of KCS at ThermoFisher Scientific plays a pivotal role in enhancing the value and functionality of our instruments, which are integral in life sciences research, solving intricate analytical challenges, boosting productivity in laboratories, and enhancing patient health through improved diagnostics or the creation and production of transformative therapies.

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