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Splunk Lantern launched in May 2020 with only a handful of articles covering security use cases for Splunk's core platform, aimed mostly at an audience of novice users. A small beginning, but with big ambitions. Since then, we’ve expanded to support far more customers and Splunk solutions in all of our product areas. Today, Lantern contains nearly 750 articles covering a range of content types - step-by-step productivity recommendations, learning paths for getting started with new products, data onboarding videos, search tips, and more. 

Our transition to CXOne Expert for hosting the site enabled us to give Lantern a major site redesign that empowers customers to discover more value from their Splunk purchase. The CXOne Expert platform authoring and admin features have freed up time for the Lantern team, which we are now using to promote the site and drive more content development with Splunk experts, partners, and pro users. Customer needs are our north star, and we can see that we're filling a knowledge gap as our traffic and returning users steadily increase.

As we’ve grown from merely an exciting idea into an authoritative and respected knowledge site, our CXOne Expert platform has grown with us, serving up the technology and features we need to help our customers succeed. This year holds more exciting changes for Splunk Lantern as we complete another UI refresh to adapt to our ever increasing content inventory. We are excited to partner with CXOne in the continuing metamorphosis of self-help content at Splunk and excited for Lantern to continue lighting the path ahead for all Splunk users.



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