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As a benefits outsourcing company, bswift LLC has been simplifying the complex world of benefits administration since 1996.  Serving hundreds of companies and millions of people nationwide, bswift aims to alleviate paperwork and compliance headaches from employers’ plates, streamline HR processes, reduce administrative costs, and empower employees to understand, manage, and utilize their benefits effectively.  The customer service organization, comprised of over 200 representatives, are experts in benefits, insurance, and customer service.  However, the content tools used to support their jobs were outdated, cumbersome to maintain, and lacked metrics for tracking performance.

As a result, bswift successfully implemented a new content tool, CXone Expert KM, to modernize its customer service capabilities and achieved significant improvements in efficiency and service quality. Our mission was ambitious and multifaceted, aimed at modernizing our customer service capabilities through the strategic adoption of a new content tool. Our goals were clear and challenging:

·       To select a new content tool tailored to the unique needs of our customer service organization.

·       To seamlessly migrate over 185 clients to this innovative platform within a stringent timeline, a challenge that required comprehensive support and end-user training to ensure minimal disruption and maximum adaptability.

·       To uphold and even enhance our high-quality service standards throughout the migration process and beyond.

·       To effectively manage the change for our end users, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum adaptability.

·       To significantly reduce the average handle time for our customer service representatives, thereby optimizing efficiency without sacrificing service quality.

With an eye on the future, we required a tool that was not only robust and reliable but also adaptable, capable of meeting our clients’ varied and evolving needs.  Our migration strategy relied on a phased rollout plan, comprehensive support, and end-user training, ensuring a smooth transition without any operational downtime.

Leveraging the robust search capabilities of CXone Expert, we reduced the average handle time significantly, boosting operational productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction. By reducing the average handle time between 30-60 seconds (depending on call complexity), we were able to significantly decrease the time needed to resolve customer inquiries.  This efficiency gain not only boosts our operational productivity but also enhances customer satisfaction, thereby encouraging loyalty and long-term growth.

Within just 180 days following the launch of our Expert KM, we saw significant improvements:

·       Increased tool usage rate from 50% to 90%.

·       Increased click-through rate from ~41% to ~80%.

·       Attainment of the CXone gold standard on 41 out of 50 search queries.

·       Reduced average handle time between 30-60 seconds.

Thanks to the exceptional support and collaboration from our Client Success Manager, Isabella Graham, and the dedicated CXone technology team, we achieved our goals on time and with great results. Together, we seamlessly integrated Expert KM into our daily operations, enabling us to maintain the high-quality standards our clients expect from us.

By successfully implementing CXone Expert KM, bswift has modernized its customer service capabilities, significantly improving efficiency and service quality, positioning the company for continued growth and customer loyalty.




  • Denise Day – Vice President, Service Center 

  • Lauren Jackson – Knowledge Manager, Service Center 

  • Hilary Guenin – Process Improvements, Service Center 

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