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We are Netsmart Technologies, a Healthcare IT (Information Technology) company based in the Kansas City metro area. We've been Mindtouch/CXone Expert customers since 2014 and our site had gotten a little out of hand. By spring of 2021, the team in charge of our wiki had undergone a major change and, rather than choose a new vendor as the previous team had decided, we looked at all the available tools and features of CXone Expert and decided it was a way better deal to stay put. We were nominated for the Community Award because we hosted our own customer meetup – said by some to be the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time)! We worked closely with our CXone Expert partners on design and implementation of our new wiki experience. We supply continuous feedback to CXone Expert. Carol even recently partnered with a CSM (not our own!) in thinking through how best to speak with another customer about their desire to move from Expert to another platform (we hope they don’t!). Carol stays engaged in the Customer Community forum. And last, but not least, Carol submitted a joint Netsmart + NICE presentation proposal to the next LavaCon conference. Fingers crossed! Though our new “Netsmart Resource Center” is still in progress, we've transformed our content architecture into something easy for our clients and associates to navigate and learn from. Thank you in advance for your vote for the Community Award!


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