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OpenGov has an integration with the Pendo Resource Center that uses an Expert search touchpoint so users can search the site content directly in the software.. Rena Stierman-Content Strategist, Jon Kremer-Product Manager, and Bill Sand-Senior Software Engineer are the team that keeps the Pendo Resource Center in our software working great and meeting our customers where they spend their time. The integration recognizes the user account in our software, authenticates the account in Expert, and then provides content search results based on the Expert site permissions. In 2022, 87% of accounts that clicked on the Resource Center clicked on the Expert help center option. Then 94% of accounts that clicked on the Expert help center submitted a search, when then 93% of search clicks result in a help center entry link click. In Pendo we are able to track the engagement with the Resource Center along with search queries to combine with Expert reporting to help analyze ways to improve search results or identify content gaps.


Reina Steirman ( - Content Strategist

Jon Kremer ( - Product Manager

Bill Sand ( - Senior Software Engineer

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