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Hi. My name is Jessica Betterly and I’m in charge of the Sylogist Knowledge Center.

Our CXOne Expert site was originally the help site for Serenic, a company providing accounting software to nonprofits, NGOs, and governments. That company was purchased by Sylogist and we’ve slowly been introducing content to the site from all our different divisions. Then we use groups to control what content users see when they log in.

For the Innovation award, I wanted to talk about a couple of things I’ve incorporated into our site in the last year or so.

First, I needed to solve a problem with Release Notes. We wanted them on the Knowledge Center so we could update easily with each minor release. I started with a standard table, but the list got out of hand very quickly. Also, we received some complaints from our partner channel, who were used to receiving the list in Excel and were unhappy with the change.

After some input from the CXOne Expert Support team, I worked out a table that will allow filtering on the first column and sorting on all columns.

Another feature I’m relying on heavily are paths. I started my first path to help new users learn the main accounting product – I now have a 9-page path that mixes articles and videos. This has really proved to be very popular feature and is usually the first place the implementation team points customers.

Next, I started documenting a product that has built processes into the actual software design. I took this as another opportunity to leverage paths, allowing me to match the documentation to the UI, step by step.

Thanks so much for this nomination!


Jessica Betterly -

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