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The Duck Creek digital landscape continues to expand across channels and content needs are growing. To truly enable users to self-service, we needed to better understand the ways users interact with our application with an eye toward uncovering points of friction. Because all our users must be authenticated, we were limited to the data we could manually pull, and the reporting tools provided by the CXone Expert platform. Something simple like reporting on the number of feedback submissions received in a given time frame meant going to an inbox and counting. That is not difficult, but it is also not reliable. To move from assumption-based decisions aimed to improve the customer experience to data-driven initiatives we turned to Pendo.

Integrating Pendo with the Solution Center, Duck Creek’s product documentation site built on the CXone Expert platform, provided an entirely new level of insight into our user’s behavior. We were able to quickly confirm two issues we had suspected were negatively impacting our customer’s experience: high bounce rate on Search Results page and low utilization/completion of the formal feedback process.

We hypothesized that:

·       The high bounce-rate/low click-through rate on the Search Results page indicated most users were not using the available search filters.

·       The ability to leave feedback on articles was not clear to users.

Using Pendo, we configured core events for feature tracking and reporting and established a base Product Engagement Score (PES). We then launched in-app surveys to collect user feedback and delivered in-app messaging to booster engagement. Those insights prompted the team to invest in UX improvements on the Search Results page and a redesign of the default article rating and feedback functionality.

In the first 30 days the enhancements were live, we saw a 21% increase in click-through rate and a 220% increase in feedback submissions compared to the previous year. When evaluating the effectiveness over a six-month period, click-through rates are 14% higher and we receive 84% more feedback submissions.

Using Pendo we are able to understand and support our customers in new ways. We are committed to data-informed decision making and improving the customer experience to show users exactly what it is they want to do in the fastest, simplest way possible, so they will find value and stick around.



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