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This award recognizes the customer who has thought outside the box. This customer has developed features and functionality within their CXOne Expert site to further optimize its capabilities as well as the efficacy of its processes.

The Liaison International Education & Knowledge team has flexed CXOne Expert’s in-house tools to simplify content management. We have also built several custom integrations to expand access to our help center content and alleviate content management.

ing CXOne Expert’s custom headers, custom branding, content reuse, and global variables tools, we created personalized help center experiences for 100+ product users, totaling 30k+ articles. We have:

  • Created 4.2k+ global variables that house 20+ unique data points for each of our 100+ products.
  • Built custom headers and custom branding for 100+ products that help us manage where and how the global variables are applied.
  • Created several content repositories that house 160+ articles with hundreds of content snippets. These content snippets are reused throughout the site, so when we need to make a change to a snippet, we only have to do this in a single location (i.e., the repository).
  • Inserted global variables in the content reuse snippets so that when we use the same snippet of content for 100+ products, the content becomes customized for each product.

We have built an integration between CXOne Expert and Ada, our chatbot vendor, using CXOne Expert’s search API. Some unique features of this integration include:

  • The search API can search all of our articles in Expert, but only returns articles relevant to that chatter and the product they are using.
  • We leverage our existing content in Expert and don’t have to maintain content in both Ada and Expert.
  • The chatbot can answer 80+ common questions and return help center articles for those questions.
  • Chatbot results show a 75% containment rate (i.e., 75% of all chatters get a resolution and only 25% of chatters go on to speak to live support via live chat, email, and phone).
  • Overall, we consistently see a 50% reduction in live chats. Annually, we save 4k+ agent hours.
  • We routinely review content in the chatbot to make sure it's accurate, and the bot proactively learns how to serve appropriate answers.

Lastly, we had a custom integration built between CXOne Expert and our product APIs to automatically import data and information into articles. Some unique features of this integration include:

  • We’ve applied JavaScript and CSS coding to create 70+ custom built tables.
  • The table content updates automatically as new information is populated in our internal systems.
  • This integration ensures that our end-users and internal staff can access the most current and accurate content. It also alleviates the burden of our team and the internal Operations team maintaining this content on an ad-hoc basis.


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