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Nelnet Business Services has used CXOne Expert (formerly MindTouch) technology for online help since 2015. Our site, HubHelp, is a merger of two knowledge bases spanning almost 20 products as well as thousands of pages of help content for our internal associates.

Innovation is about creatively solving problems, sometimes before they become a problem. Here are some of our innovations and their impact:


Impact / Problem Solved 


Pendo: Use Pendo to connect users to HubHelp through landing pages or Learn More links that target specific content. 57% of users accessed HubHelp through Pendo in 2022, and over 900 Pendo guides were created with help content (including links into HubHelp) all without needing developer efforts for custom code.
Sign in help: Created a sign-in menu that leverages the SSO built for various products. Since HubHelp is fully behind sign in, users who landed on the home page by mistake had no way to authenticate. Now there are multiple options to reduce the friction to almost zero.
Authenticated share options: Created email and copy options that generated URLs based on selections made in the page classifications.  We have multiple SSO configurations, so it is important that the user is correctly authenticated when a link is sent to them.  With the links using page classifications to add the correct authentication piece to the URLs, friction is reduced and sharing of content through copy and email links has increased.



Impact / Problem Solved


Left side menu: Created a left side menu that expands to display all titles. Most of our users start their sessions with a search, but the menu is a fast solution to navigating to a product area for users who know which content they are looking for. 
Learning Path navigation: Styled the navigation for learning paths to make it more apparent that there are additional articles in the path. This provides an improved user experience by setting the stage for the volume of content in a path, increases page views of learning path content (in or out of path order), and lowers the learning curve for using paths as a reader.



Impact / Problem Solved

Editor Training and Help

Editor Training Center: Designed a training center with 6 modules that include videos, written content, knowledge checks, and practice activities.

The training center lets new editors learn at their own pace before the trainer led practice session. We've had very positive feedback for the learning modules, smoother training, and now have a sustainable resource for training materials to keep all training consistent and easy to facilitate.

Editor help widget: The Editor Help tool links to documentation and walk-throughs for common activities like adding a new page, content reuse, or conditional content.

New editors feel supported with the tools at their fingertips. They are less likely to need additional assistance as they begin entering content on their own, and are more likely to continue using our established guidelines and best practices for creating consistent content for all users.



Impact / Problem Solved

Custom Content Review Tool

Quality Control (QC) tool: Built a custom QC process in Power Apps for the various article/video types. 

We have several key elements for articles that must be reviewed prior to publishing. The elements vary based on the type of content contained on the page. The QC request can be assigned to anyone in our business segment regardless of whether they are a pro member or community member. Each request generates custom email notifications, walks the reviewer through the review to touch all key elements based on the content type, allows text entry for QC feedback, and includes automatic reminders to finish or address QCs before content goes live. The QC tool has improved the quality of our help content, reinforced best practices and guidelines, creates a detailed log of checks performed, and is essential in training new authors and editors to establish their content creation habits.



Impact / Problem Solved

Other Innovations

Customer Support widget: Added a floating widget that provides support contact information based on the product selected in the page classifications.

Users were submitting customer support questions through feedback rather than contacting support. We added the contact information to help users get to the correct resource and have seen a decrease in feedback relating to customer support.

Glossary: Created a dynamic glossary that allows users to search by term or one of the many filtering options.

The glossary has become a fantastic training tool for internal users. Our company uses many acronyms and associates can become familiar with the industry lingo.

Search: Added search tips on the search results screen for all users

Due to the large number of products we offer that use similar terminology, search is sometimes challenging. We added tips to help users really focus on the content that is relevant.

Internal Use Flag: Visual indicator of internal only content that also updates the share options to internal authentication.

This flag is enabled through the page classifications. The updated share options allow associates to send links to other associates without relying on product access.



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