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Nomination Details

With help from our CSM Jackie Pines, Rena Stierman-Content Strategist identified several tweaks to our site to improve the search and navigation experience. In the UI we added the TOC feature for each entry, added a classification to the search results options to narrow down results per product, and added the global hierarchy to the breadcrumb bar. Bill Sand-Senior Software Engineer got these changes in place functioning correctly and seamlessly matching the site's branding. The 2022 project with the biggest impact on our search improvement was a content audit and clean up. Rena with help from others was able to eliminate duplicate entries, combine entries, and remove outdated entries. Now the number of returned search results are smaller and more relevant. Next, we were able to streamline the site structure and eliminate clicks. Now 19 of our top 25 search results meet the Gold Standard for performance. From 2021 to 2022 our total page views by customers increased 76% and saw a 31% in our CTR . 


Rena Stierman ( - Content Strategist

Jon Kremer ( - Product Manager 

Bill Sand ( - Senior Software Engineer

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