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NetApp strongly believes in the power of the collective and that learning, and sharing will help us continuously transform for the better. We have been active participants in most CXOne customer meet up sessions, which have all been highly informative. We also hosted 2 meetup sessions where we discussed our content strategy and innovative content formats that garnered a lot of interest from the community.  

NetApp’s first customer meet up session was delivered by Ryan Mathews, Senior Director Digital Support Operations, on “How to measure content value and success” where he took the community through our content goals and Key Performance Indicators.   

The second presentation was done collaboratively by Padma Prasad, Senior Manager, Digital Support and George James, Senior AI Development Lead on the development and implementation of Interactive Workflows. In our endeavour to constantly improve customer experience on the site, we introduced the Interactive workflow in March 2021. These workflows provide our users the convenience of finding articles related to one topic or a common theme within the same location.

In addition to our interactions with the CXOne customer community through meetups, we have provided various feedback and enhancement requests to the CXOne developer community through our customer success manager (CSM) meetings. Here are some enhancement requests that were addressed, while some are pending

Request that was addressed:

·      Editing the titles of KB articles was causing the confidence of the article to be reset to WIP. CXOne experts reviewed our request, and the issue was resolved at the product level.

Pending Requests:

·      Allow customers to subscribe to articles and guides. Currently, this feature is only available to pro-members

·      Improve CXOne reporting by increasing the limitation on the number of records that can be downloaded from some CXOne reports

·      Fix the discrepancy in Search insight report

We believe that this liaison between NetApp CXOne experts has and will continue to improve the usability of the product directly translating into improved customer success.


Ryan Mathews 

Padma Prasad 

Rajesh Panda 


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