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Here at Netsmart we content managers have built our team’s foundational work process around CXone Expert’s Review Manager feature. We’re so enthusiastic about this feature and about the community aspect of CXone that we followed up our first hosting of a Customer Meetup – said by some to be the G.O.A.T. Meetup (Greatest of All Time) – by hosting another session on Review Manager; we love sharing our enthusiasm for CXone Expert with our peers!

One or more of us attend every Meetup we can, and, at a recent one, we jumped in to help someone who wanted more information about how to handle contributors and drafts. We embody the true meaning of “fans” as we’ve fanatically volunteered to take beta code for absolutely any feature CXone will turn on for us. One member of our team is a regular contributor of posts, questions, and polls in the CXone Expert Community group, starting conversations about features of the product, and even features of our lives.

We just said yes to a request to join the CXone Expert product team in a webinar in March, where we’ll share our utilization of Guided Content Framework. Just as we’ve said yes twice in the past to working with Expert’s CSMs to try and persuade customers not to leave Expert.

Last year, a member of our team invited CXone Expert to partner in a presentation at LavaCon (vendors may not present at LavaCon unless partnering with one of their own customers). Amy Etheridge and Carol Hattrup shared in a breakout session how the Expert platform can save a company money and time by providing structure sans DITA. During the talk, people were so eager with questions and comments, Amy & Carol could not even get through all their material – a sign of high audience engagement. People were still approaching them the last morning of the conference to ask questions about Expert.

Thank you so much for recognizing and nominating Netsmart for Community Leader this year. We’re so proud to be a strong contender for this award because we highly value our partnership with CXone and with all of you!

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Sarah Owings – Senior Director, Client Experience Learning Services 

Carol Hattrup – Manager, Client Learning 

Gloria Lyons – Senior Knowledge Engineer 

Paula Martin –  Lead Editor

Kelle McConnell – Senior Knowledge Engineer 

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