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Hudson Valley Credit Union

Nomination Details

Here at Hudson Valley Credit Union (HVCU) we have a small Knowledge Management Team that consists of our Supervisor of Knowledge Management (Danielle), two Knowledge Management Specialists (Maria and Faith), and a network of SMEs throughout the organization. Since we are a small team and have a Knowledge Base being used internally only – we understand the benefit of the CXOne Expert Community and take full advantage of it. 

Not only do we attend just about every meet up that Sharon offers to learn from other experts, we are dedicated to sharing our lessons learned through our adventures of the world of Knowledge Management with other users. This includes presenting at CXOne Interactions last year, sharing how we successfully use the tools CXOne has to offer. From here we have made connections and facilitated zoom meetings to share our insights. We have also offered many times to meet up with other CXOne Experts to collaborate and brainstorm and to help those that are just starting or those who have a unique internal-only Knowledge Base like we do. 

Meetups are not the only way to be a part of this amazing CXOne Expert Community – there is also a great Community board that we utilize when we have questions. For example – we recently were exploring what else we could do with our reports and were able to link up with Libby from Waters to start a conversation. Being active in this community is how we’ve been able to come so far with our Knowledge Base – and with the help of our CSM Parker. 

Thank you for this nomination and we hope that we can continue to be a resource in the CXOne Expert Community. 


Kati Lansang – Director Organizational Learning and Development 

Danielle Duffy – Supervisor Knowledge Management 

Maria Agustin – Knowledge Management Specialist 

Faith Pratt – Knowledge Management Specialist 


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