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Disney Streaming

Nomination Details:

Maximizing the use of our CXone Expert site to further our business goals of efficiency through improved content findability, accessibility, and content management to decrease average call handle time and ultimate improve customer satisfaction and retention. This is exemplified by our development of content release and microcontent strategies, audit overhaul to reorganize and build a robust information architecture and creation of custom classifications and branded CSS, which has resulted in substantial results of successful agent adoption, reduced session time, increased click-thru rate, and decreased time on page in the first 90 days since launch. 




Myranda Linton – Internal Communications Manager 

Kristen Berry- Internal Communications Writer 

Ashley Mooney- Internal Communications Writer 

Brittany Groves- Internal Communications Writer 

Mariana Sereno- Internal Communications Writer 

Steven Zawodny- Internal Communications Coordinator 

Taylar Stauss – Internal Communications Editor 

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