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Nelnet Business Services

Nomination Details

We are honored to be considered for the award recognizing leadership in CXOne Expert site utilization. Our goal is to maximize the potential of our CXOne Expert site to drive our business goals forward.  

Our achievements speak volumes: As a 4-person admin team, to serve our 130 content-creators and over 200,000 community users, we strive to be as efficient as possible, from automating our feedback tracking, resulting in the accumulation of 1768 valuable insights in 2023 alone, to implementing deep linking with authentication URLs, ensuring users across multiple platforms access relevant help articles effortlessly. We've also created global variables for multiple company, platform, and product area names, allowing us to easily update those names when our businesses change. 

Not stopping there, our commitment to efficiency is evident in our approach to content reuse, including visual indicators that allow editors to ensure reused or copied content is kept in sync. We've also created 50+ custom page and content templates that streamline processes and maintain consistency across our site.  

Our utilization of Pendo has elevated our site's functionality, providing invaluable insights into user engagement and satisfaction.  We feel these and other accomplishments listed below make a compelling case for Nelnet Business Services deserving this award

CXone Feature 


Maximizing utilization 


Feedback Form 


When we receive feedback, the content is automatically added to a Microsoft list with several fields populated based on rules we've created in Outlook and Power Automate. 

We received 1768 feedback messages through our site in 2023. 


Deep linking with Authentication URLs 


We've added share options on all pages that generate a dynamic URL based on certain classification selections.  This allows users to authenticate into our help site with the correct SSO path for the products they use. 

The Authentication URLs are also utilized in our various products to provide access to help articles through Pendo or other links.  


Content Reuse 


A visual indicator displays the content reuse status for a page when a classification is selected. 

The options are: 

  • A page contains reused content 

  • Content is being reused elsewhere 

  • A page contains both reused content and is being reused elsewhere 

  • A page has content copied from another page, indicating both pages should be updated to remain in sync 




We've added 50 custom templates for new pages and content snippets. This allows our site to maintain consistency in format and style and reduces time to create and maintain content.  


Global Variables 


We use global variables for company and product names to update our content based on the product the user views on our site.  

To make it easier for our editors to access the list of variables, we've added them to our resource center and within the editor using Pendo. 




We have a touchpoint set up in one of our Learning Management Systems so that our help content can be included within the available courses. 




The CXone Expert API allows us to populate our custom navigation menu. We are currently in testing to see how we can use the API to assist in implementing a new chatbot. 


Learning Paths 


We've created product-based training centers throughout our site using Learning Paths. To make them searchable, we embed them on topic pages with additional code to ensure they are expanded by default. 

Our Learning Paths have also been restyled to make the navigation more intuitive. Over 400 Learning Paths have been created on our site. 


Search Insights Report 


The Search Insights report contributed to two of our large projects. 

  1. Search optimization project: A group of our content creators reviewed this report monthly and modified the content  and/or tags based on how users searched. The average position for the vast majority of our searches is 5 or under, meaning the article the user selects is visible in search results without scrolling. 

  1. Video library: We discovered how our users were trying to search for video content and created a centralized video library rather than embedding videos on multiple pages.  However, to ensure we weren't creating friction for our users, we added an intro table at the top of our articles that includes the page summary (dekiscript) and links to related articles and videos, greatly increasing the usage of those resources. 




We utilize Pendo to enhance the reporting capabilities.  

  • Feature tagging: Features include any element in our site that the user can engage with, such as table of contents, page ratings, and feedback. Once these features have been tagged, we can create reports on how users interact with them, what they were doing before or after they interacted with them, and how quickly they adopt new features. 

  • Page rating (community scoring): We've created a report that gives us an at-a-glance view of how many users have rated our pages as helpful (yes or no) based on the segment or group they are in over a set time period. 

  • Product Engagement Score:  PES looks at adoption, growth, and stickiness to determine how engaged our users are in our site.  

  • Net Promoter Score: Rather than an email blast to our users, we can collect NPS data within our help site increasing the likelihood that users will respond. This captures a 0-10 score and additional comments: 

  • "I have excellent experience with each type of support. I always find what I need." 

  • "I enjoy having the ability to search and find answers through links. While sometimes I may not know how to word the question, I am able to find my answer through the links in other documents." 

  • "I appreciate that when I look around in Hubhelp, I am often able to find exactly what I need. I don't use the videos generally, but I like the instruction sheets. Thanks for this resource!" 

  • "I always want to search first to see what I can learn before calling for help. Perfect to have all this information at our fingertips." 

  • "This is the best place to find information, and if you can't find what you're looking for you can leave feedback and the administrators of the site will help you find it, or add it in if necessary." 



Heather Tipton – Product Owner

Rebecca Turner – Manager - Content Management Hub

Vlad Todor - Online Help & Communication Specialist

Penny Johnston - Web Designer and Developer


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