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Liaison International

Nomination Details

The Liaison International Education & Knowledge team has finalized the expanded use of Expert across the company. All products are now included in our Expert site, making it the single source of truth and main resource for all of our product users and employees. On an annual basis, we see 3M site visitors who engage in 5.5M sessions with 12M pageviews. To ensure an optimal experience for all users, and to maintain administrative scalability, we:  

·         Use our site instead of submitting support tickets, which is becoming increasingly popular among more people. 

·         Have a self-service assistance ratio of 7:1, utilize rate of 88%, and maintenance rate of 2.4. 

·         Use custom headers, custom branding, and 4,200 global variables to create personalized experiences.  

·         Use custom JavaScript, HTML, DekiScript, and CSS to create buttons, banners, and specific navigation experiences.   

·         Use conditional content to document internal knowledge and processes.  

·         Incorporate feedback tools for users to provide recommendations for article improvement.    

·         Store most content in a content repository which contains 160+ articles with hundreds of content snippets; these content snippets are reused throughout the site, so when we need to make a change to a snippet, we only have to do this in a single location (i.e., the repository).  

·         Adhere to a strict style guide to ensure content is written and presented in consistent formats.  

·         Integrate with Salesforce so that our customer service representatives have access to Expert articles when working with cases.  

·         Integrate with product APIs to automatically import data and information into articles.   

·         Maintained Integration with Ada, a chatbot vendor, to provide article content within our products.  

·         Maintained Integration with RingCentral to bring live chat directly into dozens of categories.   


  • Stephen Naso, Director of Education & Knowledge
  • Katie Wedgewood, Knowledge Strategist
  • Sarah Welch, Education & Knowledge Consultant
  • Ardan Sharp, Documentation Manager



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