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NetApp Knowledge Base (KB) is the primary repository of support content for all NetApp Products and Services. The KB site was redesigned in May of 2020 to ensure a new and improved experience not only for our customers but also for our employees. The CXOne platform helped us meet our content experience objectives by providing us the flexibility to implement:

Key Features

       Easily navigable categories (for high-level product classification) and sub-categories (guides for product sub-classification)

·      Permission based access to content that adheres to our support policies (solutions are available only through login).

·      Templates that adhere to our content standards

·      Section-level controls for added flexibility to set content visibility based on the audience profile (customer, partner, or internal) and yet allowing Google to index 90% of our content (titles and applies-to sections are completely public)

·      Specific article authoring, viewing, and editing privileges that allow collective ownership, while maintaining appropriate controls to ensure content quality.

·      Touchpoints to allow customers to view articles outside of the KB site, without leaving the primary search site for a seamless user experience

·      Touchpoint within the case tool for seamless authoring experience for our technical support engineers

·      Multiple personalized and general dashboards using CXOne APIs that helps us identify content process gaps, track author activities, etc.

·      Two distinct authoring workflows for Solve loop (experience-based) content open for a larger group to update and Evolve Loop (compliance-based) content, where a smaller group, controls updates to content.


Results & Impact

Our implementation model has yielded exceptional results for the company:

·      Article creation rate: improved by 64%

·      Article reuse rate: improved by 25%

·      About 1000 Knowledge Articles published per month, over 20K total from 2020-2021

·      90% of our Knowledge Articles are shared externally—a 35% increase from before we migrated to CXOne

·      >3.5M monthly page views to our digital support sites and > 600K monthly page views on the KB site.

·      98% of support journeys include digital channels and we see a 54% success rate

·      >60:1 Contact Ratio across our 5-Channel Support Delivery model (Contact Ratio is the number of Digital Support Engagement (web sessions) seen for every Assisted Support Case that is opened) (Goal was 30:1)

·      <5% of all answers are assisted support cases

·      Our CSAT scores are at an all-time high of 4.5/5

Our Customer Effort Score is also at an all-time high with 98%



Ryan Mathews 

Padma Prasad 

Rajesh Panda


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