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Nelnet Business Services


Nomination Details

Nelnet Business Services is excited to be a nominee for the CXone Innovation Award. Through the implementation of a Resource Center serving as a comprehensive information hub, seamless integration with Pendo to streamline user navigation, customized messaging for Sign-in assistance, and intuitive features like Page-level search tooltips and enhanced Search Results guidance, we have significantly optimized our user experience. These efforts reflect a commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. We've also added a full editor training center complete with knowledge checks, troubleshooting tips, and an embedded list of our global variables, making our editors much more efficient.




Innovation Impact / Problem Solved
Central hub
Resource Center: Custom hub for announcements, release notes, forms, site orientation guides, and more. The Resource Center is displayed on every content page throughout the site.

The Resource Center allows us to: 

  • Add custom announcements to specialized segments of our users at any time.  An alert icon displays on the Resource Center to let them know a new message is available.
  • Link to outside resources that are commonly needed, such as system status pages and community sites/feedback forums.
  • Embed forms within the resource center so users can complete the forms without navigating away from our site. 
  • Direct new users to our site orientation series which contains customized videos and site tours.

We've had 9300 users view the Resource Center 22,000 times in the last 6 months.

Pendo: Pendo connects users to HubHelp through landing pages or Learn More links that target specific content. 35% of users accessed HubHelp through Pendo in 2023 (based on Google Analytics UTM analysis by session source), and over 1300 Pendo guides were live with help content (including links into HubHelp) all without needing developer efforts for custom code. (Pendo is the 2nd leading source of all HubHelp traffic across all products, logging in over 132,000 sessions for the year.)
Sign in help: Added custom messaging to help users access custom SSO options.

Users may believe they have a direct login to HubHelp, but they actually access the site through SSO. 

We created an automated message that displays when a user types an incorrect username or password. The message directs them to a drop-down menu with authentication options so they can still access the site directly from the sign-in screen.

Page level search: Created a tooltip to show users where they are searching. The tooltip displays next to the search field and displays a dialog box pointing to the breadcrumbs which explains the faceted search feature.  This feature has been viewed almost 3000 times in the last 6 months.
Search results page: Created a tooltip and guide to help users find better results.

The tooltip provides a list of advanced search features, such as using quotes or plus signs.

The guide walks users through narrowing or widening their search through location and breadcrumbs.

Multiple ways to access support contact information In addition to a floating customer support widget, we've added a link to a customer support page in the resource center and next to the site-level and page-level feedback options. These features have been utilized more than 10,000 times in the last 6 months.
Editor Help
Editor tools

We've added an Editor Tools section to the resource center, which contains:

  • Links to our editor training center and video library.
  • Troubleshooting tips for common link errors.
  • List of common dekiscript blocks.
  • List of common global variables.
Content Reuse Flag
Displays a visual indicator of the content reuse status for a page.

We created a custom flag that displays when:

  • A page contains reused content
  • Content is being reused elsewhere
  • A page contains both reused content and is being reused elsewhere
  • A page has content copied from another page, indicating both pages should be updated to remain in sync
Reporting with Pendo
Community Scoring We can look at page ratings by group and by time frame.
Feature usage We can see which features users are being used and which are not. For example, table of contents, breadcrumbs, share options, and left menu.
Customer Sentiment with Pendo
NPS We are collecting qualitative feedback from both internal and external users.


Heather Tipton – Product Owner

Rebecca Turner – Manager - Content Management Hub

Vlad Todor - Online Help & Communication Specialist

Penny Johnston - Web Designer and Developer


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