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NetApp Knowledge Base (KB) continues to be the primary repository of support content for all NetApp Products and Services. The site was first redesigned and hosted on the CXone Expert platform in May of 2020. However, we have continued to enhance the employee experience and the customer experience of the site by optimizing and customizing CXone Expert features to suit our specific requirements.

We continue to add several new features to the NetApp KB site using CXone Expert APIs, DekiScript and customized scripts developed by the NetApp KCS teams to meet the growing and evolving demands of our customers, employees, and our Knowledge Management (KM) program – Knowledge Centered Services (KCS).

We are elated that this focus in delivering world-class user experience on our Knowledge Base site and the larger Digital Support platform has helped us earn several industry recognitions that reinforces our position as a leader in the industry and validates the efforts we have invested in creating an outstanding self-support platform.

Awards and Recognitions 

Knowledge Management and Site Awards

• CXone Expert KCS Award (2022) Innovation Award (2023) and Most Admired Award (2022, 2023)

• Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Excellence Award 2022

Digital Support Awards

• Association of Support Professionals (ASP) support site wins 6 years in a row: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 2022, 2023

• Technology & Services Industry Association (TSIA) Award 2023

• Notable: 2020 ASP Overall Best Support Site Award

• Stevie® Awards for multiple Customer Service categories and levels in 2019, 2020 and 2021, 2022, 2023

• Award details can be found at

Innovative Enhancement in 2023

Over the past few years, we have created multiple dashboards using CXone Expert APIs, DekiScript and custom Java script. These dashboards help us manage feedback, track author activities, and address audit process gaps. This year we enhanced our Feedback dashboard with additional capabilities.

Feedback Workflow

The out-of-the box feedback workflow offered by CXone Expert is very basic. When a user provides feedback on an article, the tool forwards the feedback through an e-mail to a pre-set email ID, which is then manually processed by the Knowledge Base (KB) editors. The effort in processing the feedback was enormous and tedious. To improve operational efficiency of the KB team in handling feedback, we developed a feedback workflow that allows us to effectively track, assign, process, and close feedback from within the Expert tool. The entire feedback workflow was developed in-house, without using any CXone Expert features or APIs.

In 2023, we enhanced the dashboard by adding closure codes. Closure codes help us understand the quality of feedback submitted by our support team. It helps us identify if the feedback was valid or invalid and whether or not it contributed to the improvement of the database.

Here’s a brief outline of our process:

1. The feedback emails are extracted to an excel sheet using Power Automate.

2. The content is then formatted as per our requirements in excel and then loaded into a NetApp Database using the Python script.

3. Using JavaScript, we connect the NetApp Database to CXone Expert backend, and the data is loaded into the Feedback dashboard (custombuilt by NetApp team) within the CXone Expert platform.

4. Using GUID as the unique ID, the feedbacks is displayed in the respective articles as well as the Feedback Dashboard.

Benefits of the Feedback workflow and dashboard

• Pro-members can access the feedback through the article and can address the feedback while using the article to solve a customer’s issue.

• The Dashboard helps the KB team segregate unaddressed feedback into internal, external, technical, and non-technical and assign them to the right SMEs

• We added a non-technical feedback section to ensure that technical SMEs need not view non-technical feedback. (Non tech feedback include requests to delete, archive, move to draft manager, etc.

• SMEs have the option of letting the submitter know the feedback is addressed and closed.

• We recently added feedback closure codes to the dashboard so that SMEs can select the appropriate closure code (Feedback Addressed, Feedback Invalid; Create a New Article, Duplicate Feedback, etc.) after addressing the feedback.

Results & Impact

Ensuring quick addressal of feedback has built trust with our customers; they are confident that their feedback is being regularly monitored and addressed at the earliest. Given below are some metrics:

1. 250 feedback processed every month on an average

2. Customer feedback addressed in 24 to 48 hours

3. ~40% increase feedback submitted per month when compared to 2022

4. >3.5M monthly page views to our digital support sites and >700K monthly page views on the KB site.

5. >90:1 Contact Ratio across our 5-Channel Support Delivery model (Contact Ratio is the number of Digital Support Engagement (web sessions) for every Assisted Support Case that is opened) (Goal was 30:1)

6. Our KB CSAT scores are at 4.4/5

7. % of customers rating our site as good or excellent 95%


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