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NetApp Knowledge Base (KB) is the primary repository of support content for all NetApp Products and Services. The KB is a dynamic site where content is created and updated on a daily basis as part of resolving customer queries. Content is also updated regularly based on feedback we receive from our users, which include employees, technical support engineers, and our customers and partners.

Key Features

The out-of-the box feedback workflow offered by CXOne is very basic. When a user provides feedback on an article, the tool forwards the feedback through a mail to a pre-set email ID, which is then processed by the Knowledge Base editors, who track, assign, and close the feedback loop with the user after the feedback is addressed.

The entire workflow of tracking, assigning, processing, and closing the loop with the user is handled within the CXOne tool. However, the NetApp team has developed the entire feedback workflow in-house, without using any CXOne feature or API. Here’s a brief outline of our process

1.     The emails are extracted to an excel sheet using Power Automate.

2.     The content is then formatted as per our requirements in excel and then loaded into a NetApp Database using the Python script.

3.     Using JavaScript, we connect the NetApp Database to CXOne backend, and the data is loaded into the Feedback dashboard (custom-built by NetApp team) within the CXOne platform.

4.     Using GUID as the unique ID, the feedbacks is displayed in the respective articles as well as the Feedback Dashboard.

5.     Pro-members accessing the feedback through the article have the option of addressing the feedback while they are reviewing or using the article to solve a customer’s issue.

6.     The Feedback Dashboard helps the Knowledge Base team segregate unaddressed feedback into internal, external, technical, and non-technical feedback

7.     The segregation helps us assign the feedback to appropriate teams to address.

Result and Impact

·      With this innovative in-house feedback workflow, we can address all customer feedback within 24 hours of receiving the feedback.

·      Our customer engagement has increased, as we have more customers giving us suggestions to improve KB content.

·      We saw a 30% increase in the total number of feedback (internal and external) coming to our site in 2021 as compared to 2020.

WIP Editor Integration with Case Management tool

NetApp Support organization is powered by the Knowledge Centered Services Version 6 (KCSv6) methodology and our engineers are true KCSv6 practitioners. One of the basic tenets of KCSv6 is creating knowledge as part of the case workflow. We were able to achieve this using the CXOne APIs effectively.

Key Features

NetApp technical support engineers resolve 100s of customer queries every day to help our customers use our products efficiently. All customer interactions and case resolutions happen through our Case Management tool called SmartSolve. As our engineers work through a customer case, they capture key customer issues, which includes symptoms, the environment, and other details to ensure proper resolution of the issue at hand. The SmartSolve tool is integrated with an in-built WIP editor that allows the engineer to capture the details of the issue and create a knowledge article once the issue is resolved, as part of case closure. The knowledge thus captured is converted to an article and added to the CXOne platform through a click of a button from the SmartSolve while the case is being resolved. If the article is created by a KCS Publisher, the article skips the review cycle and can be made available to our customers immediately.

This innovative workflow is facilitated using CXOne APIs.

Results and Impact

·      Article creation rate: improved by 64%

·      Nearly, 1000 Knowledge Articles are published per month, and we have over 20K total articles created starting May 2020 till date.

·      Time to publish content reduced from 43k minutes to less than 1 minute

·      90% of our Knowledge Articles are shared externally—a 35% increase from before we migrated to CXOne

·      Our CSAT scores are at an all-time high of 4.5/5


Ryan Mathews 

Padma Prasad 

Rajesh Panda 


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