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Since winning the Metamorphosis award in 2022, and the Expert award in 2023, Splunk has been continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible with CXone Expert.

  • Splunk Lantern is innovative by nature. Lantern is a Customer Success Center - a relatively new type of knowledge resource that mature SaaS companies use to improve adoption, retention, and renewals. Lantern does not offer break/fix documentation; instead, it focuses on content that empowers customers to self-serve to achieve business use cases.
  • Our business outcome focus allows us to partner with organizations across Splunk to support an end-to-end use case-based customer engagement. Site analytics show that over 15% of Splunk Lantern readers are decision-makers, rather than current customers, so by aligning our use cases to pre-sales, proof-of-concept use cases and partnering with marketing to add targeted content, Splunk Lantern helps drive sales and renewals.
  • Post-sale, Lantern has aligned our offerings, like the Splunk Success Framework, with various customer success programs to supplement paid engagements with self-service content to help our customers make faster progress. We've also engaged with Splunk IT on projects such as federated search so that customers searching one Splunk knowledge site also have access to results from Splunk Lantern. One specific outcome of this is that we've been able to demonstrate that Lantern contributes to support ticket deflection, even though we operate entirely separate from the support organization.
  • We’re actively engaged in various pilot initiatives related to data analysis and insights. We use benchmarking data from CXone, as well as internally-designed customer surveys to improve our offerings. This approach has paid dividends, with our number of new users increasing 75% in the last year and returning users increasing 91.5%. Additionally, our work on site SEO and content discoverability netted Splunk $100,000 in marketing savings cost last year with our average monthly number of keywords in #1 position for organic search more than doubling.
  • Finally, Splunk is CXOne’s first customer to pilot the custom dictionary feature for instant translation. In order to serve our customers in Japan in a cost-effective yet accurate manner, the Lantern team is partnering with Splunkers in the Japan office to define key terms in the custom dictionary to offer instant translations that are consistent with other, traditionally translated Splunk documentation.



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